Set a Horse Free… Learn to Communicate
191st & South Yale 
Bixby, Oklahoma 74008
" I see the soul 
of a horse attaching to the soul of a kind human.....
producing strength, mightiness, loyalty, and both. " 
Becky Zavilla

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This 12 year old gelding came here for weight issues.  Haflinger X Qtr with metabolic imbalance.  After several months of work and diet change he was able to recover without medication.
A Percheron X Qtr. mare.  Nikolai my alpha mare and compadre, age 27.
5 year old Luna baby. Born here . Raised here.
Qtr mare with amazing Poco Bueno bloodlines.
Ebony, age 19, snow flake Appaloosa X Qtr. , was dropped off here to prevent animal abuse charges.  Ebony was severely dehydrated and underweight.  She recovered after only a few short weeks.
Billie (sorrel) and her brother Sir (black) were acquired in a trade and taken as partial payment.  Sir went to Inola. Billie now resides with a loving family and has Lori Darlin' as her compadre. Both Qtr. horse.
Lori Darlin' was picked up from owners location to prevent animal cruelty charges.  Dr. Stacy and I worked hard to help her recover from a large 3 LB. Tumor growing on her leg from being wrapped in the fence and abandoned to die.  She recovered after many long months of treatment and medication
Whisper a very large cremello mare with tiny white feet, was donated because owner could no longer afford extremely expensive proper shoeing. After evaluating her condition of thin walled feet , I decided to pull all shoes and use OLD MAC BOOTS instead. No further foot problems or pain after 24 hr
A 18 year old TB gelding , Sampson was donated due to 25-30 ulcers in his mouth from hay containing Foxtails.  He could not eat nor barely drink . After months of Dr'ing he recovered and is amazing.
Sophia at age 3 suffered a 90 % laceration of the tongue . This happened due to feeding horses in the same pen . She was kicked in the head and her tongue got stuck in the broken feeder.  After many months of liquid diet , the starving filly regained her ability  tto eat and  is amazing.
Blanca , a 4 year old APHA , was by far one of the most beautiful horses that has ever visited here.  She was an amazing horse that gave a young girl freedom from pain.
Miss Kitty was a 20+ year old Qtr. mare that recovered here from being thrown into the auction.  She had amazing bloodlnes and temperment.  Her owners were just finished with her. She came here and filled hearts with joy.
Chico was my first Donkey here for training. After I finished him, he moved to OKC to guard a herd of Miniature Horses.
Coosa was left out with his Mustang mother on 25 acres and no suitable water.  I was called to rescue the wild pair. The owner dropped him off here as wild as a lightining bolt. He now belongs to our herd.
Fairamoore was an amazing Arabian mare from a loving family who needed help in relocating her to a new home.
Baskateer was an aged Arabian gelding from a loving family that needed my help in relocating him to a new home.
Harley ,9 year old Palomino Gelding came here for re-conditioning so he could be sold.
Hulk , a 12 year old APHA Stallion. I owned for a few short months when he suddenly died from an aneurism.
Jack was a 3 year old gelding that came here to be relocated.
Jolene and Trigger Grulla Paint Pony, came here to be weaned then separated and sold.  Jolene went to kids in Missouri and Trigger went to learn to pull a cart.
La Roja Princess owners just needed some assistance in selling and marketing her to be sold.
Lady's owner lost his job and needed help in finding his horses a place to live
Whiskey's owner lost his job and needed help in finding his horses a place to live.
Martin, Arabian Gelding, his owner passed away and his owners wife asked me to recondition and relocate him.
Mica was a gorgeous APHA mare acquired
through a trade for a friend.
Tivio and Rums Cutter Shark were beautiful mini's that came here for relocation. Rums Cutter Shark (baby) went to sire a herd of mini mares in OKC. Tivio went to a 3 year old.
Newt was a pony stud colt that came in with his pony mother to be sold.   When they arrived they were seperated and He sold quickly. Ms. Penny still lives nearby and has made her little girl owners very happy
Tey , a 9 year old APHA mare, boarded here for several years and was owned by my great friend Sherry.
Patches , a 2 year old APHA filly, came here wild and aggressive for training. She left a quiet and gentle trail mare. She was very cute.
Penny , Qtr Pony, came here to be sold with her teenage black stud colt, Newt, he sold quickly . She is still with this little girl .
Phantom Cloud Runner was one of the most beautiful horses ever here.  Arabian X Qtr. He was extremely dangerous, blow up, run off , and then turn around and come after you kind of horse. He lives on 100 acres in Leonard.
Poncho's owner passed away and Poncho had to be relocated.  Poncho was what I refer to as a "blow up " horse. That is one that is holding it all in waiting to blow up on the rider.  Which he proved true when he blew up over the rail of my round pen. Sorrel Qtr. Gelding
Rebel , APHA Gelding, came here with his Beautiful Rodeo Queen owner for a refresher course.
Risky's Much A Raisin , APHA FIlly, came here as a yearling to be sold.  Her markings were distinctive and so also was her build.  A beautiful filly.
Sara was a big ride.  She was powerful and dominant. A Palomino Qtr. with outstanding breeding. Also Luna's Mother.
Sara with Luna a few hours old.
Scotch was a beautiful Grulla paint gelding .  He came here to be sold.
Shera came here after one of her owners passed away.  Shera had some metabolic imbalance that could have led to Cushing's disease. After reconditioning and diet change, she recovered well.
Smooth Colleen came here to be sold.  She is a senior mare with many years and knowledge.  She went to a beautiful Gigi that wanted a safe ride.
Solace is by far the most dramatic rescue I have been involved in. She stole my heart.  She is a papered Mustang mare with a cold brand on her neck. She has COPD.  And rides like a dream.  A tiny ride with a big heart.
Tia was an older Appaloosa X Qtr mare with severe back tendon injuries.  But was a beautiful safe ride for these little girls.
Toby the pony came here to be boarded.
After a long search , I located this mare in Texas.  With the needs of a specific client in mind we bought her, and shipped her here.  Ann Marie came and took lessons and transported her back to California.
Chance a 13 year old Black and White gelding APHA. Helped the owner downsize and sell 5 years ago.  Just negotiated a buy back for the owner. Now Chance is back with his Mommie !  Pictured with my student.
Beautiful Ansata bred gelding. Straight Egyptian Arabian. Raised and trained here .
Domino , a beautiful Appaloosa mare.  She is a gentle spirit that helped heal her owner.
Flop 21 yr old brood mare who's owner passed away.
Twister , 10 yr old AQHA Gelding
Mack 10 yr old AQHA Gelding
Nick 25 Yr old AQHA Gelding
Chicks Kitty Cat, 25 yr old AQHA Mare
#1 of 7 broodmares relocated.
#2 Broodmare relocated
#3 Broodmare relocated
#4 Broodmare relocated
#5 Broodmare relocated
#6 Broodmare relocated
#7 Broodmare relocated
Willie, the orphan foal , and his owner who followed good advice in training.
Miss, 25 + yrs old, black mare donated to me to avoid the auction.
Star, 25 yr old registered Appaloosa Mare
Gilly , 14 yr old with mild laminitis.
  The wildness of the horse will always translate into a deep  connection with me.  The desire to please us is ever present. When the two souls ignite, it causes things to surface opening a portal to our fears, anxieties, tension, love, anger, trust , disappointment and most of all ....our hope.  
   Watching children or adults of abuse, tough cowboys, the blind, cancer patients, those with autism, the young, the old, the very brave, and the scared to death... make this connection, is vividly inspiring.    few of my guests have come from down the 
way, across town, and from such far away places as Russia, Japan, Belize, New York, and California.  
   My life  with the horse has afforded me many opportunities to put into practice the hands-on communication, and practical experiences of being a Southern Oklahoma Country Farm Girl.                        
I am looking forward to meeting you !                                    
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