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Saddle Up 
191st & South Yale 
Bixby, Oklahoma 74008


Solace The Mustang
Double pneumonia, heaves, COPD, infection, antibiotics, miracle medicine, probiotics, pain meds  3 overnight stay & vet care.

Coosa The Mustang Colt
infections in teeth, sinuses, parasite overload ,antibiotics, probiotics.

Lori Darlin' The Gift
major laceration with
 tumor overgrowth due to neglect, raging fever, loss of appetite, loss of use of leg, tumor amputation, rehab, bedrest, pain meds, probiotics, antibiotics .
Lori The Gift Filly Working Some Cows
Lori on a Cow
The Mini Girls ~ Cocoa & Kitty
pinworm infestation, lice infestation, seed tick infestation,  possible pregnancy of Kitty, dislocated hip of Coco.

Mustang Molly & Ringo Colt
Navajo Mustang with 3 week colt, 6 Navajo reservation mustangs with new foals pushed through auction out of New Mexico.  3 auctions later arrived sick and beaten down at a rescue in Oklahoma. 5 landed safe. Molly and her overly weak foal needed immediate care.  We picked them up JUNE 8, 2016.  Strangles, pneumonia, heavy breathing, thick discharge from eyes and nose.