Set a Horse Free… Learn to Communicate
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      Our Healing Farm starts in the barn with a lifetime of experience.  Our partnering skills are aimed at attaining a connection with you and your horse.  For the rider/owner, we address lack of communication, sadness, grief, separation, lack of confidence, insecurities, etc.   We address equine behaviors such as weaving , pacing , chewing , and cribbing,  and how these are all closely related to environment, stress, and lack of activity.  
     Our Goal is connection.  A happy horse  can choose to be in the moment with you.   We address issues such as , pushy, nasty, marish, lazy, or uncooperative, food oriented, a horse that is family pet, disrespectful, or on sweet feed . 

    Pasture Play intervals are necessary for herd socialization skills to develop.  Normal equine behavior forms when given freedom to make  simple decisions in this type of environment.  Allowing for a greater connection when you spend quality time with your horse.
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