Set a Horse Free… Learn to Communicate
191st & South Yale 
Bixby, Oklahoma 74008
 The Barn


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      Our Healing Farm starts in the barn with a lifetime of experience.  Our partnering skills are aimed at attaining a connection with you and your horse.  For the rider/owner, we address lack of communication, sadness, grief, separation, lack of confidence, insecurities, etc.   We address  behaviors such as weaving , pacing , chewing , and cribbing, in the horse and how these are all closely connected.   
     Our Goal is connection.  A happy horse  can choose to be in the moment with you.   We address issues such as , pushy, nasty, marish, lazy, or uncooperative, food oriented, a horse that is family pet, disrespectful, or on sweet feed . 

    Pasture Play intervals are necessary for herd socialization skills to develop.  Normal  horse behavior  will develop  when social friendships form and  often give freedom for simple choices aiding in the elimination of nasty habits and stress.