Set a Horse Free… Learn to Communicate
191st & South Yale  
Bixby, Oklahoma 74008
Partnering Traditional Horsemanship with Communication
    Two Souls ~ One Mind

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        Welcome to our Healing Farm.   
  While here, you can be instructed in the basics of horse ownership  Learn  to ride or own your first horse.  All conducted in a
quiet, peaceful surrounding of home.
   Tanglewood Porch Farm is  a place for you and your horse to connect.  
       Occasionally, quality horses are available for sale.  We screen and specialize in seasoned trail horses.  We do not auction flip.   
   These are private consignments, or family owned horses.  
  Our hands-on contact, coupled with various communication techniques, offer the best possible learning environment for both you and your horse.  Healing from the inside, ground to saddle. 
  Focusing on a healthy, partnering relationship , based on connection instead of demands. 

                    Learn To Communicate....... And You Set The Horse Free.

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